Terms of Service (CGU)

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Company: SKI 3000 France
(trademark licenses: European Ski School - Ecole de ski ESI Les 2 Alpes)


1. Ski & Snowboard lessons

Ski 3000 France implements all means at its disposal in general and the assistance of qualified instructors in particular to satisfy the customers participating in our ski and snowboard lessons.

Ski 3000 France, its representatives and the instructors have no obligation of result. We do our best to make your ski holidays the best possible.

Ski 3000 France cannot be held responsible for weather conditions or administrative decisions regarding the possible total or partial lifts closure or any event which may disturb or prevent the proper conduct of our lessons.

2. Before the lessons

a. Which lessons should I choose?

Do not hesitate to contact us before making your choice.

Before choosing between a private lesson or a group lesson, you should check:

  • Your physical condition for the practice of sport;
  • Your age: adults or children;

And select your level:

  • Skiing: from level 0 (beginner) to level 5 (experienced);
  • Snowboard: from level 0 (beginner) to level 3 (experienced).

This information forms a commitment to join the selected group. It is necessary in the case of a group lesson to select the correct level carefully:

  • For a good atmosphere in general and,
  • In order to form fairly homogeneous groups and,
  • To respect the learning needs of the other group members in particular.

Please note that SKI 3000 France cannot be held liable in the event of problems attributable to incorrect information. These often lead to a loss of time during lessons, changes in the planning and sometimes cancellation of lessons and often a bad opinion of the concerned client.

b. Purchase of ski or snowboard lessons

The price of the lessons must be paid before the lessons according to the general sales conditions of SKI 3000 France. Lessons are considered to be definitively booked once they are fully paid.

c. Online purchase – Remote sale

Any customer who has made a reservation for private lessons or group lessons online must go to the ski school office the day before the start of the lessons. At this point you will receive your ski passes (if applicable) and all information concerning the meeting point and the time of the lessons with the instructor.

d. Booking confirmation

It is imperative to call into the ski school’s office or call us on +33 4 76 79 74 55 before the start of the lessons in order to confirm your participation. On this occasion we will give you the necessary information: times, meeting point etc. Throughout your holidays, make sure you know the time and place of the next lesson (last minute changes are always possible).

e. Ski pass purchase

You also should purchase the correct ski pass. The price depends on the ski level and the age of the participant. This purchase is possible through us for 6-days ski passes. These can be cancelled and refunded before the scheduled date of use.

In the event of total closure of the ski lifts (but never in the event of a partial closure), a refund of the ski pass in proportion to the closed days can be requested from the ski lift company (for example, if the ski area were closed for two days out of six days purchased, you could claim a refund of 2 days / 6 days = one third of the purchase price).

f. Modification of your lessons after purchase

For organizational and scheduling reasons, the ski school does not make any changes (timetables, dates, number of people, activity, level) after confirmation and payment of reservations. Make sure you have made the right choice and have filled in all the fields before proceeding to payment. Once lessons are purchased, they cannot be exchanged for others. The duration of private lessons cannot be changed. You can add participants to a private lesson for an additional fee.

g. Cancellation of a lesson – refund policy: see T&Cs

h. Book suitable and quality equipment

Winter sports require appropriate equipment of suitable quality. If you rent equipment, you must collect it well before the start of the lessons, ideally the day before: any delay in starting lessons cannot be recovered. The customer remains responsible for his/her equipment. The instructors cannot be held responsible for damage caused or suffered by this equipment or in the event of theft.

3. Insurance

a. Customer ski insurance

SKI 3000 France advises everyone to check that they have individual accident and personal liability insurance for skiing and snowboarding. It is also possible to take out accident insurance (optional) when purchasing ski passes (around €3 / day).

b. SKI 3000 France insurance

SKI 3000 France is insured for public liability for all its activity with the Syndicat International des Moniteurs de Ski (SIMS), policy 104155800, intermediary AZZURO at GAP. The purpose of this insurance is to intervene in the case of an accidental event for which the civil liability of SKI 3000 France would be retained. In no case may the insurance intervene for questions of customer satisfaction.

4. Progress of the lessons

Learning to ski takes place in a specific, open and unpredictable mountain environment. This practice therefore requires the customer to personally take care of their own safety and that of third parties. The instructor's responsibility is limited to an obligation of means. It is the customer's responsibility to follow the instructor's instructions. The client remains responsible for their equipment.

a. Start of lessons

The lessons will start on time. Latecomers penalise everyone. Lessons (or parts thereof) lost due to your late arrival cannot be recovered, moved, or give rise to a refund.

NB: If it is not possible to form a group due to lack of staff, we will offer you a private lesson as a replacement up to the amount paid.

b. During the group lesson

According to his/her level and progression, a skier:

  • Can be moved from one group to another for a better learning experience.
  • May be offered private lessons to improve their level and progression.

When a skier is visibly unable to practice or progress in their group (as is sometimes the case with beginners), SKI 3000 France will offer an alternative solution, but no refund will be granted.

We make every effort to satisfy the requests of members of the same family or the same group to take the same lessons. However, for technical or logistical reasons, this is not always possible.

c. Private lessons

A reservation of private lessons over several consecutive days will generally be with the same instructor. Times are to be agreed with the office when booking.

d. Group lessons

For beginners starting group lessons on Monday (i.e. joining a group which commenced on Sunday), it will be necessary to follow one to two hours of private lessons to adapt to the group level.

e. End of ski & snowboard lessons

The lesson takes place under the responsibility of the qualified instructor provided by SKI 3000 France.

No student can drop out of the lesson without the approval of the instructor.

The lesson ends when the instructor announces it.

The course, the lesson is then considered to be completed.

The customer, the consumer is then freed from the instructor’s supervision.

5. Vouchers – Gift certificates

Vouchers and gift certificates are valid for two years from the date of issue. In order to be valid, a purchase voucher must be recognized by SKI 3000 France.

Customers benefiting from a voucher must present it before payment.

Vouchers are neither exchangeable nor refundable.

6. Photo – Video – Image rights

During lessons, an authorized member of staff can take photos or videos of participants (adults and children). Some of these photos and videos can be used on the website and in school brochures. You accept this use of your image under these conditions. If you wish that the photos and videos in which you appear are no longer used, you can send us an email to: info@europeanskischool.eu explicitly stating your request and clearly identifying the images concerned. We will then update the material concerned as soon as possible, within a maximum period of one year.

7. Protection of personal data - GDPR

a. Who is involved in the processing of customers' personal data:

The personal data of customers is collected exclusively:

  • Via the website during your reservation as well as,
  • By the staff of SKI 3000 France.

No data is collected by any other means.

b. The categories of data processed:

In order to provide the best service possible, we collect:

  • Your contact details (name, first name, age, email and telephone number)
  • If during our discussions to guide you towards the best solution we discuss your physical condition, no "medical" type data is recorded by us.

b. What are those data for?

Traditional administrative data are used:

  • Administrative needs (invoicing and your skier progression);
  • For commercial needs: SKI 3000 France newsletter sent by email.

c. Who accesses those data and to whom are they communicated?

All of the data collected is for the exclusive use of SKI 3000 France and its partners to establish ski passes, ski equipment, etc. No data is communicated or sold to any other party. Each client can, if they wish, have a copy of their personal file and request, if necessary, modification.

d. How long are they kept?

Data are kept as long as the customers use the services offered by SKI 3000 France. Each client can, if they wish, request the destruction of their personal file. Personal data is destroyed before the end of the third year of commercial inactivity (computer destruction).

e. How are they kept secure on a daily basis?

Personal data is exclusively recorded on our computer benefiting from user protection (antivirus, backups, etc.). During the closing hours of the SKI 3000 France offices, all doors are locked.