These are some of the most important questions you need to ask yourself before choosing a ski school and booking tuition.

Ski school prices and services can differ from one school to another, so look carefully at what is on offer and make sure you have answered the following questions in your own mind before you make your choice.

  • Is the ski school operating legally in France? Does it hold the necessary liability insurance required for delivering lessons on and off piste
  • Are all instructors teaching with an up-to-date technical approach and are they allowing effective learning to take place?
  • Can they commit to providing the best possible safety, enjoyment and learning measures during lessons?
  • Does the ski school have an on-slope coordinator making sure guests are in the correct levels and group sizes are within the guaranteed maximum number?
  • Can the ski school be flexible in moving guests from one group or level to another to maximise learning potential?
  • Do different group lessons all run at the same time (i.e. children, adults and different levels)?
  • Is there an office in the resort for coordinating arrivals and replying efficiently to enquiries?
  • Are the lessons delivered in English or are they delivered in French and translated into English? Are the majority of guests within a group English?
  • Will you be guaranteed an instructor who speaks good English?
  • Are the meeting points and times convenient and central for all parts of the resort?
  • Do the start and finish points for the lesson enable you to maximise your skiing or will you be wasting valuable time on up or down lifts?


  • Are all possible safety measures put in place to ensure child safety and protection at all times?
  • Will the ski school invite you to talk about any illnesses or special needs your children may have before lessons commence?
  • Does the ski school have a clear structure of levels and an award system giving children and parents clear guidelines on how to progress to higher levels?
  • Does the ski school provide an extra member of staff to assist instructors with the “Little ones” in the children’s garden for toilet and rest stops?
  • Will the ski school do its best to ensure children are divided into groups of similar levels taking into consideration age and ability?
  • Does the ski school guarantee that children will not be left alone at the end of lessons if parents are late to pick them up for whatever reason?
  • Does the ski school provide warm facilities for rest stops and shelter in the event of bad weather conditions?
  • Will the ski school guarantee that ALL children receive an award or medal at the end of the week?