Useful for carrying spare clothes, food and drinks. Essential if you are skiing off piste to carry your safety equipment – shovel, probe and first aid kit.

Backpacks need to fit closely to your back with no straps hanging off. Loose straps can catch whilst getting on and off chairlifts which can be very dangerous. It is recommended to remove your backpack and hold it on your lap when using chairlifts.

Neck scarf

On cold days a good neck scarf can make a real difference. You can choose between cotton, fleece or silk. You can also purchase full face masks, if you so desire.


A growing trend to map your days skiing can be achieved with a variety of tools, including wrist watches, GPSs and smartphones. Good quality equipment can make your skiing experience more enjoyable and ultimately more cost effective.
There are many other gadgets and toys which are on offer to the skier, some helpful, others just a bit of fun. If you are into ‘gear’ then skiing will be a perfect sport for you. If you just want to get on with it then you can keep it simple and un-fussy. It doesn’t have to be complicated.
Please remember to ski safely – don’t forget about other slope users just because you are trying to beat your top speed on your ski tracking app!