We all need lessons, whatever standard we are! Learning means improvement and improvement translates into enjoyment.

As you improve you will broaden your horizons and there should be no limit to your progress - you just need quality instruction.
Group lessons offer you the chance to ski or snowboard alongside others of similar ability.
It’s a fun way of meeting other people and getting to know the mountain, whilst improving your skills with the help of a professional.
Group lessons usually run for a week and will follow a logical progression from the beginning. Group lessons are also generally cheaper than private lessons. In a group you will receive individual feedback, however the instructor will also be giving his attention to other members of the group.
If you prefer more individual attention and a more intensive learning experience, then private lessons are the best option for you.
Private lessons benefit from “lift queue priority” which is an added bonus, especially during peak season.
Private lessons can also be booked in small groups of skiers or snowboarders of a similar standard which reduces the cost! If you have lost your confidence or do not want to commit to a whole week of lessons, then a few private sessions are the answer.
In high-season, our VIP group lessons (max 4 people) offer a best-of-both worlds option giving you a week long course in a small group with others of a similar ability.