Children can start lessons and skiing from 3 years old, however we would strongly recommend private lessons at this age.

If you choose a good instructor who is used to working with children, have lessons at the correct time of day with the right equipment and on appropriate terrain, lessons should be a big success. Children’s first experience of skiing at this age must be fun and enjoyable if you and your family are going to be happy!
At 4/5 years of age children are now fully ready to learn how to ski in either private or group lessons.
The children’s enclosed ski garden is ideal for this first experience.
It offers a secure and fun space with indoor facilities for toilet and rest stops.
Remember that children of this age are still very small, so they will need time to build confidence and trust in this very new environment.
Some children arrive very tired after a long journey and are sometimes overwhelmed on their first day at ski school.
A few tears are normal, so it is important for parents not to worry or be too anxious. As you know, you will transmit any anxiety you have to them immediately, so try to relax yourselves - it will work miracles.
Try not to expect too much too quickly from your children. All children are different and they will do best to learn according to their own ability, progressing at their own pace.
Teaching a group of small children requires great skill, so do trust our instructors.
They are very experienced and know what they are doing and as the week progresses smiles, laughter and achievement will prevail.
By the end of the week the rushing and initial anxiety of the first day will all have been forgotten as your children proudly receive their first skiing medal.
Children can start snowboarding lessons at seven years in a private lesson and from ten years of age in group lessons.