On the first day of ski school make sure of the following:
Make sure you know what time lessons begin and how to reach the ski school meeting point the day before lessons are due to start.

Rushing on day one is not the best way to start your holiday!
You will also need to know where and at what time to pick your children up at the end of lessons. You will need to factor this in around your own free skiing time. Speak to your children’s instructors if you are unsure about anything.
Your tour operator may provide nannies who can look after your children and take them to and from lessons, so do look into this if you are interested. There are also private nannying companies available.

Parents Checklist for ski school:

  • Make sure you have both a map of the village and a piste map. Both items are imperative for a successful first day and can be picked up from our office.
  • Children must be insured for skiing.
  • Children must have a ski school identity card with them at all times with two emergency contact numbers included (we will provide this card at our office on your arrival).
  • Make sure your children have the correct lift pass securely zipped into a pocket of their ski jacket (ideally on the left hand side).
  • Children must have the correct length skis.
  • Make sure children’s ski boots have been fitted professionally. Make sure they are not too big!
  • Children must wear a helmet.
  • Children should come to ski school having had a good breakfast.
  • Children should come to ski school with sun cream already applied.
  • Children must be dressed correctly with warm waterproof clothes.
  • If possible, children should have sunglasses for sunny weather and goggles for bad weather.
  • Make sure gloves fit and are easy to take on and off.
  • Children should have a healthy snack and soft pack drink for the rest stop.
  • If your children are unwell then it is best if they do not ski.
  • If your children have any learning difficulties, special needs or other individual requirements please let the instructor know in advance.
  • Parents, please keep your mobile phone switched on at all times in case we need to contact you. Please check your phone often if you are skiing to ensure you have not missed any calls.

Extra tip: Put your child’s name on a piece of sticky tape and stick it to his or her skiing gear (skis, poles, boots and helmet). This can save a lot of time for you in the mornings at the chalet, hotel or ski school sorting out which skis belong to who!