All ski schools have a levels chart of some description to help you work out what level you are.

At the European Ski & Snowboard School we have seven skiing levels (0 to 6) and four snowboarding levels (0 to 3). If you are booking a ski or snowboard course, please refer to our level chart, choose the description that best fits your current level and then book into that level. The level chart and course description will also give you a better understanding of course objectives.
Lessons will run more smoothly if people book into the right level, so please try to assess your own level objectively. That said, we do move people between groups where necessary to match people of similar levels. If you feel you are between levels it is best to book into the lower level. We can always move you up or down as needed.
If you have previously completed a course with us, you can book yourself into the level you were given in your Logbook (see Snow Star Awards for Children, Ski Logbook progression and Snowboard Logbook progression below).