How does it work?

Our Snow Star awards system is designed to record children’s progress through our ski school system from beginner (Level 0) right up to Level 6.

Each level is divided into One Star, Two Star and Three Star awards. One Star means the level has just been achieved, Two Stars means the child is skiing well for the level and Three Stars means they have almost reached the level above. The Snow Star Awards Logbook gives a detailed description of what is required for each level. As well a recording progress, the Logbook can also be used to give you an idea what your children will cover as they work towards the next levels.
Do the children get a medal?
In some ski schools, not all children are given medals. At the European Ski School, we believe that all children should have their skiing achievements recognised. We make sure we award a Snow Star Awards Medal and Logbook to every child who takes part in our children’s group lessons.
What if my children have old logbooks?
If your children have skied with us before in group lessons, you can bring their old Logbooks and their instructor will update them with the level they achieve this time. The Snow Star Awards were introduced in winter 2014/15 so if your children skied with us before that they may have our old-style logbooks. If this is the case, you can still bring them to be updated but we will give out new Snow Star Awards Logbooks at the same time.
What if my children have logbooks from another ski school?
If your children have skied with another ski school and been given logbooks, we would not normally update these. However, they can be very useful in helping us to know what your children have covered already. If they have been given a particular level in another ski school, you can contact us to ask which is our equivalent level to book into. It is also worth showing the logbook to your children’s instructor to give them an idea of what they have done already.
If your children have ESI logbooks from another ESI (Ecole de Ski International) recognised ski school, we would be able to update that with our ski school stamp as well as giving out a Snow Star Awards Logbook.
Which Level should I book my children into if they already have a Snow Star Awards Logbook?
Normally you should book each child into the level they achieved last time they skied. For example, if last winter they started in a Level 2 class and were awarded Level 3 (with One, Two or Three Stars) then you should book them into a Level 3 group this winter.
If a child gained a One Star at a particular level, and they are not feeling very confident, you might consider booking them into the level below. On the other hand, if they gained Three Stars and are very confident you could try booking them into the level above.
If it is two years or more since your children last skied, it may be better to go down a level. However, we would not recommend repeating the beginner course if they have already attained Level 1, unless they are very young.
I have booked my children into the correct Level as shown in their Logbooks. Can you guarantee that they will not be moved down a group?
All children and all groups are different. We will always move children where necessary to ensure that they have the best possible week in ski school. Some years, children will develop physically over the year and come back to skiing stronger and ready to move up a group. Sometimes though, especially if they have had a growth spurt, children can become less coordinated and actually ski worse than they did the previous year (this is usually a temporary effect and they will ski better than ever if they return the following year).
We also have the case where other children in the group have been booked into the wrong Level. This is not uncommon when if it is their first time skiing with us. We therefore use the Levels booked as a starting point to create groups where each child is able to make the most progress and have the most fun.