How does it work?

Our new Logbook system will record your progress through the European Ski School courses from beginner (Level 0) up to Level 6.

Each level is sub-divided into Bronze, Silver and Gold. Bronze means the level has just been achieved, Silver means you are skiing well for the level and Gold means you have almost reached the level above. The Logbook gives a detailed description of what is required for each level. As well recording progress, this will also give you an idea what to expect as you work towards the next levels.
Do the adults get a medal?
Sadly, we do not award medals to adult skiers. However, you do get to receive your Logbook at a presentation evening on the last day. Your instructor will also run a video analysis session during the week to fine-tune your skiing.
What if I have an old logbook?
If you have skied with us before in group lessons, you can bring your old Logbook for your instructor to update with the level you achieve this time. The current Logbook system was introduced in winter 2014/15 so if you skied with us before that you may have our old-style logbook. You can still bring an old Logbook to be updated but we will issue you a new-style Logbook at the same time.
What if I have a logbook from another ski school?
If you have skied with another ski school and been given a logbook, we would not normally update it. However, it can be very useful in helping us to know what you have covered already. If you have been given a particular level in another ski school, you can contact us to ask for our equivalent level to book into. It is also worth showing the logbook to your instructor to give them an idea of what you have done already.
Which Level should I book into if I already have a Logbook?
Normally you should book into the level you achieved last time you skied with us. For example, if last year you started in a Level 1 class and were awarded Level 2 (Bronze, Silver or Gold) then you should book into a Level 2 group this time.
If you are not feeling very confident, or you have left it a few years between ski trips, you could consider booking into the level below. We would not recommend repeating the beginner week though, so go for at least Level 1 if you have already skied for a week or more. Conversely, if you gained Gold at a particular Level and are feeling confident you can book yourself into the Level above.